Traceability in Sparrow ERP

Traceability in Sparrow ERP

Traceability in Sparrow ERP – How far can you trace back?

Complete Traceability in Sparrow ERP of every item received or manufactured

Sparrow ERP traces products through its entire life cycle. The system captures and identifies all the relevant information on all transactions to provide complete product traceability using lots or serial numbers.

Sparrow ERP lot traceability and serial tracking functionality enable an item to be tracked from receiving through manufacturing, assembly, inspection, and stocking to the final dispatch stages.

Traceability and Recall Management

Built-in Lot Tracking and Traceability

If you could have traceability of batch, lot and consignment, this would enable you to respond quickly and execute a complete product recall. You could identify vendors and customers based on real-time traceability data that is highly accessible. Sparrow ERP Traceability function empowers manufacturers and suppliers to access the data throughout the supply chain.

For example, when products were manufactured, stored and transported, which equipment was utilized, which staff was involved? The affected lot and the source of a problem can be easily tracked through the supply chain then companies can recall products easily and quickly at any particular time that were considered to be unsafe for the market.

The Benefits of serial & lot Traceability in Sparrow ERP

  •     Find all transactions for a serial & lot number
  •     Find serial & lot numbers of shipped products and received from a supplier
  •     Recall serial & lot numbers shipped and where they stocked

Serialized Items

You can use serial no to track your inventory items by assigning a serial no to components and assembly items.

Lot Tracking

Sparrow ERP inventory module can track a group of items by giving a lot number for the group to track expiry dates, manufacturing dates or other information.

Bar Coding and Item Labels

Create a bar code that identifies every item you process.

Multiple Vendors

Manage the procurement of the products you purchase from many suppliers. On every item record, you can identify information for many suppliers including the name of each vendor, item code and purchase price.