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Sparrow ERP Software solution offers all the applications you need to run an agile, more efficient manufacturing and trading operation.
From Sales, CRM, Inventory management, to Purchasing, Planning, Manufacturing, Logistics to Invoicing, every application you need is right at your fingertips.
Our software is engineered in a way that it can easily be customized to suit your specific business scenario or process.

A modern easy to use interface makes the software very intuitive to use. Open API based architecture makes our software easy to integrate with any third party software or application.

Sparrow is available as on-premise and in-the-cloud configuration.

Sparrow Software Solutions

Sales Management

An all integrated sales solution including CRM features.

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Inventory Management

A power inventory system that seamlessly integrates with all modules.

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Simplified purchasing solution that covers all essential tools to ease your life.

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Planning & Manufacturing

Control your input time and manage your manufacturing orders efficiently.

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A fully featured e-commerce solution for your B2C and B2B business.

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Procurement and Shipment made simple with serialization and label printing.

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Customer and Supplier invoicing and payment with advance payment support.

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Plant maintenance

Maintenance job creation with automatic scheduling. Integrated with production planning.

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API for integration

Makes integration easy with internal and external software via XML/JSON.

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Advance Quality Control

Dynamic QC control can be integrated with each production step.

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Document management

Super simple documents management with sharing functions.

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Sparrow generates in-app notification as well as email notification based on subscription.

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