Manufacturing ERP Software

Integrated ERP and manufacturing software

A fully integrated ERP and manufacturing software for the flawless execution of your business. Cloud-Based Sparrow ERP is a flexible and scalable solution with integrated tools and metrics to help you manage end-to-end manufacturing operations.

In manufacturing, your profit is made in production on the floor. That’s why every information required throughout the entire manufacturing process must be available in real time for the continuous development of your manufacturing business.

Sparrow ERP solution for a manufacturing business can identify and solve difficulties faced by manufacturing companies. Sparrow ERP is a scalable and flexible manufacturing software for the manufacturing industry.

Improve effectiveness

Reduce unnecessary downtime

Improve production and manufacturing efficiency

Instant quote generation

Prevent bottlenecks in the manufacturing process

Real-Time access to important business data through key metrics

E-Commerce Software

  • Improves functionality, initiates the availability of real-time data.
  • Increase productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Better Control of your Business.

CRM Software

  • Acquire, Engage and Keep Your Customers Across the entire journey.
  • Seamless Customer Experience across sales, marketing, and customer service.
  • Customize CRM interface based on your business to meet the requirements of your organization.

Sales Management Software

  • Generate more leads, engage with prospects in real time.
  •  Dig deep into deals to close them faster.
  •  Forecast and Analyze your sales with in-depth reports.

Inventory Management Software

  • 360° Degree Inventory Solution by Real-Time Access to Inventory.
  • Configurable attributes supported for item variants.
  • Inventory Optimization via smart insights.

Purchasing Software

  • Streamline purchase workflow and process cycles.
  • Generate instant Quote in few Seconds through automated Feature.
  • Quotes are created accurately including the latest pricing and availability.

Customer Support Software

  • Customer Support tool to streamline your customer care.
  • Automates the process for creating, organizing and tracking requests.
  • API integration with your current ERP.

Plant maintenance Software

  • Regular safety inspections and assessments of essential components.
  • Maximize Performance of Assets and Improve Operations.
  • Covers all maintenance tasks such as Inspection, Servicing, and Repairs.

Quality Control Software

  • Quality Assurance at every step.
  • Extensive quality analysis and dashboards.
  • Customize Control of Quality Requirements.

Planning and Manufacturing Software

  • Effective Planning and Manufacturing through Resource Utilization.
  • Plan and schedule order by order as well as in Hours, Minutes and Seconds.
  • Increase manufacturing speed and accuracy with the help of Forecasting and master production scheduling.

Logistics Software

  • Efficiently Managing Shipments and Receipts.
  • Manufacture and distribute products efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Standardize logistics processes and operations.

Invoicing and Payments Software

  • Instant Invoice delivery for faster payments.
  • Everything is stored in the cloud.
  • Reduce the deadline and processing costs and improve your productivity.

Notification Software

  • Never miss an important event, meeting, and customer inquiry via integrated notification software.
  • Simple to deploy and easy to understand.
  • Affordable and entirely web-based with no additional components.

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