Business Intelligence Software

An ERP software is heart of organization and used by hundreds of users daily. The amount of data generated by an ERP software is immense sometime. Sparrow ERP comes with it’s own in-built reporting tools that is more than sufficient for regular business reporting.

More advanced data analytics of large scale data requires specialized software called Business Intelligence (BI) software. Apache Superset is one of the leading and widely used Business Intelligence software that power users can use to do advanced level of data analytics.

Superset BI software Features

  • A rich set of data visualizations including wide array of charts.
  • An intuitive and easy-to-use interface for exploring and visualizing data.
  • Support for creation and sharing of reporting dashboards.
  • Enterprise-ready authentication with integration with major authentication providers.
  • An extensible, high-granularity security/permission model allowing intricate rules on who can access individual features and the dataset.
  • Integration and support of different types of databases.
Superset Business Intelligence Software Dashboard
Superset Business Intelligence SQL editing
Business Intelligence Visualization