Document Management System (DMS) – Hidden Gem of SparrowERP

Introducing Sparrow ERP’s Document Management System (DMS)

The ultimate solution for managing your business documents efficiently. Integrated seamlessly within every component of Sparrow ERP, the DMS shines as both a complement to the ERP suite and as a strong standalone product. Let’s dive into the core features that make Sparrow ERP’s DMS an essential tool for your business processes.

Easily Insert Documents in Multiple Formats

No matter the document type – be it Excel, CSV, Word, PDF, Zip, RAR, or other safe formats – Sparrow ERP’s DMS handles them all. Enjoy multiple convenient ways to upload:

  • Simply drag and drop your files for instant upload.
  • Input text or content directly within the DMS editor.
  • Add links to external documents hosted on platforms like Google Docs or OneNote.

To enhance document management, users can assign tags and descriptions to each file, streamlining the retrieval process.

Add doc content

Powerful Search Capabilities

The search functionality is where Sparrow ERP’s DMS truly excels. After automatically indexing document content, the system allows for comprehensive searches. It delves into more than just file names, tags, or descriptions, leveraging keyword search within the documents themselves. This robust search tool ensures you can quickly find exactly what you’re looking for, saving time and increasing productivity.

drag and drop upload doc

Effortless Navigation through Tags

Organize your documents intuitively with tags. Tags act like simplified categories, offering an alternative way to navigate through your files without the hassle. This tagging system complements the search feature, making document management a breeze.

Navigate document by tag

Uncompromised Security

The security of your documents is paramount in Sparrow ERP’s DMS. Files are safely stored on your own server in encrypted form, preventing unauthorized access. Furthermore, maintain privacy or collaborate easily by choosing which documents to make public with unique shareable links.

Additional to encryption, Sparrow ERP’s DMS keeps a meticulous audit trail. This detailed record tracks who uploaded, downloaded, or modified a document. This level of accountability ensures transparency and security within your document management process.

In conclusion, Sparrow ERP’s Document Management System is not just a repository for your digital files – it is an advanced, integrated, and secure platform tailored to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your business operations. With features that promote easy insertion, powerful search capabilities, simple navigation, and robust security, the DMS stands out as an essential tool for companies looking to optimize their document management.

Ready to transform how your business handles documents? Discover more about Sparrow ERP’s Document Management System and take the first step towards streamlined efficiency.


Ultimate guide to SparrowERP’s Electronics Assembly Manufacturing Process

Electronics Assembly Manufacturing can be a complex process, involving various stages from the order’s inception to its completion. This blog post aims to provide a clear and comprehensive overview of production flow and the associated processes using SparrowERP, a production management system. We will dissect each stage of production, discuss the pivotal roles of the Bill of Materials (BOM) and Components Placement List (CPL), and other fundamental elements like routing, operations, and the calculation of production costs.

The Electronics Production Flow: From Initiation to Completion

To better understand how a product is brought to life after an order is placed, let’s dive into each stage of the production flow within SparrowERP.

1. The Pending Phase

All new assembly orders submitted by customers are found in the ‘Pending’ tab under ‘Manufacturing Orders’.

Upon entering an order into SparrowERP, front-end engineers perform data verification. After the ‘BOM CC’ section is approved by the customer, the order moves into the pending phase for production management. During this phase, users can view order details, such as technical info (BOM, CPL) and general details (customer name, order ship date, etc.) by clicking on the MO. A purchase plan can be initiated to begin sourcing by assigning a purchase person.

Notably, SparrowERP categorizes orders as ‘Producer compatible’ or not and allows the assignment of different producers if required. An order remains in the ‘Pending’ stage until all parts are in stock. Kitting operations for Generic/EC-stock parts and any required technology checks for ‘Pressfit’ mount-type parts are automatically created.

2. Ready for Production

The expedition from ‘Pending’ to ‘Ready for Production’ occurs when all components required are in stock.

In this stage, parts are consumed and the stock is deducted from inventory as production ensues. Operators also prepare for production, which includes setting up technology, laying out the PCBs, determining the paste data, and configuring the SPI. Routing, which is the sequence of operations to be followed, is assigned. At this point, users can also modify operations by adding, deleting, or changing their order.

3. In Production

The engine of SparrowERP roars to life as you click ‘Start production’.

During this phase, users operate the various resources such as machines and operators to advance through the tasks. Operations can be partially forwarded to streamline the process. Moreover, rework quantities can be entered, triggering additional ‘Rework’ and ‘Inspection after rework’ operations. Crucially, manufacturing orders can’t be finished until the entire ‘In qty’ has been processed. Before an MO is moved to ‘Finished’, it’s essential to conduct a final reconciliation of parts used to ensure inventory accuracy.

4. On Hold

Interruptions happen, and the ‘On Hold’ stage is SparrowERP’s space for paused operations.

This stage lists orders that are temporarily suspended. Technical and general order details can still be updated, and jobs can be released from this stage to continue back in production.

5. Finished

Finality is captured in the ‘Finished’ section, where completed orders are listed.

No further actions are taken on orders in this stage.

6. Canceled

Orders can be canceled at any point before they reach the ‘Finished’ state. Once an order is canceled, it cannot re-enter the production flow.

7. Forwarded

An MO can be forwarded if necessary, implying it is moved to a different system or process for further action.

General Guidelines for Managing Production

Maintaining flexibility within a structured system is key for an efficient production environment. Here are some general guidelines to be followed in SparrowERP:

  • An MO can be put on hold at any stage, provided it’s not finished, canceled, or forwarded.
  • Canceling an MO is permissible before it is finished. Once canceled, it cannot return to production.
  • Routings and operations can be assigned and altered before and during production.
  • Operations can be added or deleted in bulk in the ‘Operations’ tab.

Routing: Setting the Path for Production

Routing in SparrowERP is a critical blueprint — a list of tasks and operations essential for creating the final product.

Routing is akin to the sheet music for an orchestra; each note must be laid out correctly to achieve harmony in the production symphony.

It must be well-defined before production can begin. Details of the Routing master are accessible in SparrowERP for in-depth reference.

Operations: The Building Blocks of Manufacturing

Operations are the particular tasks executed to transform raw materials into the finished product.

In practical terms, operations in SparrowERP are listed in the ‘Operations’ tab, indicating each specific task to be completed in the work center.

Details of the Operation master are provided for users to accurately manage these tasks.

Bill of Materials (BOM) and Components Placement List (CPL): The Essential Ingredients

A BOM is the recipe for manufacturing a product—a comprehensive list of all items required. In the context of SparrowERP, this is housed within the ‘BOM’ tab of an order’s details page. Meanwhile, the CPL serves as the map, detailing where to place each part in the manufacturing sequence, including their X and Y coordinates on the PCB.

Work Centers

Work centers in SparrowERP represent the physical locations—machines, production lines, assembly areas—where operations turn plans into tangible outcomes.

Think of a work center as a station within a workshop where each product attribute is molded, assembled, or refined.

Details of the Workcenter master are available to help organize and understand the functionalities of each station.

Crunching the Numbers: Production Cost

Production costs reflect the monetary amount necessary to manufacture a product. In SparrowERP, it’s calculated by multiplying the cost unit type by the cost attribute for each step of the process.

To put it simply: Production cost = Cost unit type * cost attribute.

This includes both actual costs based on the time spent and estimated costs projected for each operation.

The details of production cost calculation are laid out in SparrowERP, providing transparency and control over financial aspects of manufacturing.


Production is a detailed and continuous loop of events that transforms an idea into a tangible product. SparrowERP serves as the conductor of this intricate symphony of operations, ensuring each step is performed with precision and adherence to planned tasks, costs, and quality standards. Understanding each phase of production, from ‘Pending’ to ‘Finished,’ alongside the core elements like routing, operations, BOM, and CPL is critical for the success of any manufacturing endeavor.

This blog post emphasize how to navigate these processes within SparrowERP, allowing for a smoother, more predictable, and efficient production environment. Whether you are a front-end engineer, operations manager, or a production operator, a clear grasp on these practices ensures that every manufactured product meets expectations, both in quality and in delivery, sustaining customer satisfaction and business growth.


Streamline Your Production Line: Explore SparrowERP’s Impact on Discrete Manufacturing


Today’s manufacturing landscape is more dynamic than ever, with companies constantly searching for innovative solutions to streamline their operations and gain an edge over the competition. In the heart of this industrial evolution is discrete manufacturing – a realm where precision, efficiency, and flexibility reign supreme.

As a discrete manufacturer, whether you’re assembling intricate electronics or crafting bespoke machine components, you understand the challenges of managing complex supply chains and production workflows. That’s where SparrowERP comes in – the game-changing ERP software fine-tuned for the unique demands of industries like electronics assembly but designed to transform any discrete manufacturing process.

The Robust Heart of Supply Chain & Manufacturing Workflow Management

SparrowERP isn’t just another ERP system; it’s a powerhouse of supply chain management capabilities, paired with solid manufacturing workflow tools that are customizable to fit your specific needs. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution – it’s the tailored suit of the ERP world. With its robust functionalities, SparrowERP ensures that every element of your production line, from procurement to product delivery, operates like a well-oiled machine.

Simplifying Ownership with Open Source

Own the power of innovation with SparrowERP, harnessing the adaptability of open-source technologies to propel your manufacturing business into a future of efficiency and growth.

Gone are the days when implementing an ERP solution required a hefty investment of time and resources. SparrowERP is built on open-source technologies, known for their reliability and flexibility. This means you not only have an affordable system that’s faster to deploy but also one that is continuously improved by a community of developers. Owning and operating SparrowERP is like having the keys to an adaptable, future-proof business.

An Affordable, Agile Partner in Growth

Affordable, agile, and swiftly deployable – SparrowERP embodies the cutting-edge ERP solution that discrete manufacturers have been waiting for, bringing your production strategy to life.

Cost can often be a barrier when seeking a high-quality ERP solution. SparrowERP breaks down this barrier with its competitive pricing, ensuring even small to medium-sized enterprises can enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive ERP system. The cost savings don’t end at purchase, as SparrowERP’s faster deployment means your business can start reaping its rewards without delay, translating to a quicker return on investment.

Customization Without Complexity

Every manufacturer knows there’s no such thing as one product fitting all scenarios. That’s why SparrowERP stands out for its ease of customization. Whether you need to adapt to new market demands or tweak your processes for better efficiency, Intellial provides low-cost development services to mold SparrowERP precisely to your requirements. Customization here isn’t a complex, costly endeavor; it’s simply another step towards perfecting your operations.

Empowering Your Manufacturing Business for the Future

Unlock seamless manufacturing workflows and robust supply chain management, tailored specifically for the beating heart of your discrete manufacturing processes with SparrowERP.

Imagine your entire manufacturing process, from assembly line scheduling to JIT inventory management, all seamlessly connected through a system that speaks directly to your business’s unique needs. SparrowERP isn’t a distant dream; it’s the accessible reality for manufacturers ready to embrace efficiency, agility, and growth.

As a comprehensive, easy-to-use ERP solution, SparrowERP serves as the strategic partner you need to tackle today’s manufacturing challenges. The seamless integration of robust supply chain management with a customizable manufacturing workflow makes SparrowERP an essential asset, setting the stage for tomorrow’s success.

Embark on your journey to manufacturing excellence with SparrowERP, and watch your discrete manufacturing process evolve into a symphony of efficiency. Are you ready to take the next step? Deploy SparrowERP and make that pivotal leap towards an optimized, future-ready manufacturing environment. Dive in – your business demands it, and SparrowERP delivers it.