ERP for Small Business

Manage your business with the ERP Software

Capture your business details in an integrated ERP system for small businesses and manage all core business processes through a single ERP platform. Our cloud and on-premise Sparrow ERP assist you to handle all the aspects of your business.

With an enterprise resource planning system for small business, expand your business potential. Integrate your business with sparrow ERP and use automation and the Internet of Things to push the boundaries.

Cloud-based and On-Premise ERP

Manage the entire organization with simplified integrated business intelligence processes with our affordable, scalable Sparrow ERP software solution.

Make your small and medium-sized enterprises more secure with our business management software and ERP tools for businesses intended to evolve with you.

Standardize core processes, gain insight based on the real-time data of your business and make decisions to drive profitability.

We offer a cloud-based ERP package to assist your business to compete and grow. Use it to streamline the process from manufacturing to production planning, sales pipeline, CRM, etc.

ERP enables small businesses to operate like an enterprise-scale business

What small companies are doing is implementing ERP in departments that are absolutely essential. When SMB gets benefits and begins to expand, the ERP can be expanded progressively to all other divisions. Therefore, it is possible to implement an ERP in stages for SMBs.

The relevant departments can track and share business data. This leads to higher productivity to reduce expenses through ERP software. Decision Makers can access the real-time data from ERP that will be beneficial for sales and marketing, CRM, purchasing and other departments to make a decision on time. Teams can detect issues and respond quickly that will affect business productivity through the ERP.

Small business employees can focus on managing the growth of the business by streamlining business processes. ERP solutions should be modular and comprehensive for the best performance.

CRM Software

  • Acquire, Engage and Keep Your Customers Across the entire journey.
  • Seamless Customer Experience across sales, marketing, and customer service.
  • Customize CRM interface based on your business to meet the requirements of your organization.

Sales Management Software

  • Generate more leads, engage with prospects in real time.
  •  Dig deep into deals to close them faster.
  •  Forecast and Analyze your sales with in-depth reports.

Inventory Management Software

  • 360° Degree Inventory Solution by Real-Time Access to Inventory.
  • Configurable attributes supported for item variants.
  • Inventory Optimization via smart insights.

Purchasing Software

  • Streamline purchase workflow and process cycles.
  • Generate instant Quote in few Seconds through automated Feature.
  • Quotes are created accurately including the latest pricing and availability.

Customer Support Software

  • Customer Support tool to streamline your customer care.
  • Automates the process for creating, organizing and tracking requests.
  • API integration with your current ERP.

Invoicing and Payments Software

  • Instant Invoice delivery for faster payments.
  • Everything is stored in the cloud.
  • Reduce the deadline and processing costs and improve your productivity.

Document Management Software

  • Manage documents of customer, product, supplier or any important entity within ERP.
  • Compatible with all modern web browsers, Access from anywhere on the web.
  • Enterprise-grade SSL encryption provides full protection from hackers.

Notification Software

  • Never miss an important event, meeting, and customer inquiry via integrated notification software.
  • Simple to deploy and easy to understand.
  • Affordable and entirely web-based with no additional components.