Production planning and Scheduling

Production planning and Scheduling

How Shift Planning Influences Production Schedule in Sparrow ERP?

Use our refined planning system designed for electronics & High Tech manufacturing to schedule your input and manage production orders efficiently. The planning module leverages resource usage and production effort effectively. Simple to use cloud-based Sparrow ERP planning module can easily track each and every activity of workers, equipment, products and their components and relevant resources. The production planning & Scheduling in Sparrow ERP consider all the phases and steps relevant to a product.

Production Planning & Scheduling in Sparrow ERP

Sparrow ERP planning software enables you to accurately define your work shifts, including the leaves and holidays of the worker. This provides you with the overall visibility of your available input time according to the defined shifts.

Once the input time is visible, the same will be used to plan the production orders. Work orders can be planned either backward or forward based on the date of completion intended.

In case an employee, equipment or any other resource is already booked, our Planning software can tell you that when it would be available and then you can plan your next manufacturing order and start production as per the availability.

3 Parameters of Production Planning & scheduling software:

People: You can automate and manually assign relevant workers and equipment available for each task as per the right skills on jobs.

Equipment: In production planning, you can view, edit and assign equipment and plan a job accordingly.

Raw Materials: Provides and keep tracks of the materials and component as required to finish a job so it won’t get affected during production.

Planning in Hours, Minutes and Seconds

Forecasting and master production scheduling

Production Planning & Scheduling in Sparrow ERP Dashboard Workcenter

Dashboard Workcenter

Identifies and warns all types of conflicts such as availability conflicts, shifts overlapping, duplicate shift assignments, lack of skills required, minimal rest periods and excessive overtime. Any conflict in scheduling will be detected according to timelines.

Punch-in and punch-out data can be viewed in real time by employees to determine variations between planned and actual working hours and costs. Displays the count of production team scheduled for each shift, so there is no chance of over/under staffed while planning shifts and workweeks. Capacity planning is interrelated with production planning in sparrow ERP.

From the calendar view, in the proposed schedule, you can process orders efficiently, list views and make any necessary edits. You can visualize your production schedule in Gantt chart format for pending, ongoing and scheduled orders as well as gives you detailed capacity utilization and production planning data.

Production Planning & Scheduling allows you to immediately view your capacity and unoccupied resources, in order to decide correctly and to streamline your company’s resources deployment.