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Features of Human Resources Module

We have recently introduced the Human Resource module in the Sparrow ERP. Currently our focus is to cover the immediate need of employee or users attendance management so that Human resources in manufacturing flow can be factored in.  Here are some highlights of the newly introduced Human Resource features.



In the employee module, HR can store and manage employee information in detail.
Generally, there are two types of users in the organization.

  1. Those who would able to access the system. HR can distribute ID and password to users and users can manage their own leaves.
  2. The employees who may not have direct access to the system; however, HR can maintain records on behalf of the employee. For example, HR can add leaves of employees on behalf of her.

HR can add employee details like employee’s personal information, employment details, their important document as well as their shift duration. HR can import employee’s information in bulk from the spreadsheet to the system and export employees information from the system as well.

All Leaves


In this module, HR can manage leaves of users which shows in two different modes:

  1. List View
  2. Calendar View

HR can also add leaves on behalf of the user.
Leaves can be approved, rejected or deleted from the list.

My Leave:

In My leaves, the user can check her past applied leaves in two different modes:

  1. List View
  2. Calendar View

Users can apply new leave requests in the system and she can modify it before it gets approved. After applying leave user can check the status of her leave that it’s approved or rejected. Users can also check the total balance of leave, total leaves taken and allocated leaves. The important feature is when a user applies for leave, HR will directly get a notification in the mail.


The report module is extremely useful for HR in Payroll and attendance management of employees.
In the case of payroll, at the end of the month, HR can check the total number of leaves of an employee as well as it can be useful for attendance management.

Generally, there are two types of reports in this module:

  1. Leave Balance Report in which it shows the employees yearly leaves data like, employee name, allocated leaves, taken leaves and leave balance.
  2. Leaves Report in which HR can check the leave details of the employee for a particular time duration; however, HR can export employee’s leave information from system to spreadsheet.

Leave Allocation:

In the leave allocation module, HR can allocate leave to the new employees; for that, you need to select employee name, allocate leave type as well as a year with the total number of leaves. HR can update and delete the allocated leaves of employees.

Leave Type:

In this module, HR can allocate leave type to the employees as per company norms, either it can be LWP, Casual or Sick leave for specific days.