Graphical Warehouse Layout

Graphical Warehouse Layout Sparrow ERP

Graphical Warehouse Layout in Sparrow ERP Inventory Software

Sparrow ERP empowers companies to track stock movements in real-time and provide stock accuracy at the location level by Warehouse Graphical User Interface in Sparrow ERP Inventory Software.

One of the major tasks in running your business is the management of your inventory. You can streamline your stock levels to reduce costs and maximize revenue and profits with effective inventory management.

Advantages of  Sparrow ERP Inventory Software

The graphical view of the warehouse displays a two-dimensional graphic, interior, and exterior of the warehouse. You can use the Graphical View of the warehouse to check warehouse Real-Time Stock Status and get the information about stock inside bins and resources.

The graphical layout of the warehouse can be used to check warehouse customization. It displays the warehouse data per warehouse number. Multiple Warehouse can be easily managed and operated from a single screen as well as  Sparrow ERP allows you to inspect and check the stock of each and every rack and the bin of all listed warehouses with the detailed data of all the components and parts stored at that location.