Bill of Material (BoM) analysis and verification service
  • No risk. First BoM Analysis FREE*

    For Bill of Material containing 50 or less components.

  • Over 1000 Bill of Material processed.

  • More than 25K Components Verified.

  • Large team of Experienced Engineers.

  • 100% Human verification powered by Automation.

  • One of the Fastest turnaround time.

  • Market availability check and alternative suggestion.

  • Price & Stock availability check from 3 different suppliers.

  • Selection of best price based on stock and price.

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What will I get?

  • Our operator will check each component (MPN) for market availability.
  • Alternative part (MPN) is suggested when only description is given or part is not in stock by supplier.
  • A single spreadsheet containing prices from 3 different suppliers for comparison.

How long it takes?

  • 1 business day is what usually we take to process your BoM.
  • If your BoM contains incomplete information then our team will contact you for sending for information, this will delay the process.
  • For Bill of Material that is exceptionally long or complicated then we will request you for more time.
Bill of Material Verification & Analysis Service