Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Sparrow ERP?

Sparrow ERP is a software platform that runs in the Cloud (and also on your private server). It’s one integrated business platform that gives all your departments – including sales, marketing, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing, shipping, and invoicing – a single, shared view of every entity and transaction.

How can I start using Sparrow ERP?

The easiest way to start with Sparrow ERP is to use our “Sparrow Cloud” subscription. You can start with a minimum of 2 users and add more as you grow. There is no complicated setup or configuration process. You can start using the system right after your first login. If you need assistance – then, our support team is always at your disposal.

How long it takes to get started with Sparrow ERP?

Sparrow ERP is a cloud-based software that one can access via a Web Browser such as the one you are using now for this web page. If you subscribe to our “Sparrow Cloud” plan, you will have your exclusive set up with the unique URL like within few minutes on receiving your request for account activation. With our knowledge-based material, you can get started immediately. In case you need help, we are always available for customer support via phone, email, or live chat.

How much Sparrow ERP cost?

Sparrow ERP is a complete suite of applications starting from CRM, Sales, Inventory, Manufacturing ,etc. The cost really depends on number of users and number of modules you want to use. If you have set of special requirements that is not part of our off-the-shelf solutions then we can customize it for you. Once you have clearly decided on number of users, modules and customization, contact our sales team, and, they will give you tailor made quote that is best for you.

Can I host Sparrow ERP on my private server?

Yes, using our “On-premise” plan, you can host the Sparrow ERP software along with its database on your on server hardware.

Can I migrate my data from the “Sparrow Cloud” subscription to my private server in the future?

Yes. Initially, you may subscribe to “Sparrow Cloud” with limited users, and in the future, your requirements and users grow, and you may want to migrate to your private server. In this case, your entire cloud database can be transferred safely to your private server within a few hours with the help of your support team.

Will I get help when needed?

We are regularly updating our knowledge base with how-to videos and articles. If our knowledge base does not help solve your problem, then you can always contact us via email or live chat. We will ensure to provide the answer as soon as possible.

Can I customize Sparrow ERP according to my business flow?

Sure, if you have opted-in either the “On-premise” or the “Dedicated Cloud” plan, then customizing Sparrow ERP is possible. Our developers will analyze your requirement and implement a tailor-made solution within Sparrow ERP for you.
Here are some example scenarios:

  • Customization of Sales, Purchasing, or Manufacturing flow.
  • Integration with a public e-commerce website.
  • Integration with Supplier’s or Vendor’s systems.
  • Integration with your internal systems like Financial Accounting or Warehouse management system.

Will I continue to get future software updates on Sparrow ERP?

Yes. Our “Sparrow Cloud” customers will always get software feature updates as long as they remain subscribed. Our current release cycle is every two weeks. Our “On-premise” and “Dedicated Cloud” customers will get updates every month (or on the frequency agreed).

Can I export my data?

Yes, every Sparrow ERP module has a built-in function to Export data in CSV or Spreadsheet format (e.g. MS Excel). There is no restriction on data export.

Is my data secure?

The Subscriber’s data in the “Sparrow Cloud” plan is isolated from one another. That is how we ensure that migration to the “On-premise” plan is possible in the future without any hassle. The entire application runs SSL secured server. Your user credentials are encrypted. We can only see your data if you let us do for technical support.