Streamline Your Procurement Process with Sparrow ERP

Sparrow ERP Procurement Process

As a purchasing manager, you know that the procurement process can be complex and time-consuming. From sourcing items to getting offers from suppliers and comparing prices, there are many steps involved. However, with Sparrow ERP, you can streamline your procurement process and make it more efficient.

In Sparrow ERP, procurement is the process of acquiring stock for the fulfillment of Sales Order. In a Source and Sell scenario, this is done by sourcing your items from suppliers and offering them to customers with a margin. Let’s take a closer look at how this process works.

Generating Procurement

Procurement is initiated by clicking the Generate Procurement button in either Sales Quotation or Sales Order. When you click on that button, a popup will open with a list of items selected for procurement. On top, you will see the dropdown of suppliers, from where you can select one or multiple suppliers. Select the suppliers and click on the Create Procurement button.

That will result in two Purchase Inquiries for two selected suppliers. These Purchase Inquiries will be visible within the Sales Quotation in the Purchasing tab. At the same time, these inquiries will be visible in the Purchasing section too, so that the Purchase team can send them to the supplier for getting offers.

Comparing Prices

Once you have received offers from suppliers, you can start comparing prices. To do that, click on the Compare button. That will open the comparison screen with prices from two suppliers. On this screen, you can visually compare the prices by two suppliers and choose the best offer for each item.

Updating Records

On click of the Update Records button, the system will update sales quotation’s unit prices by adding a margin to the supplier’s offer price. In addition, the system will also update individual Purchase Inquiries by removing items not selected from the supplier during the comparison process.

The margin % added to the sale price can be managed from Sales Settings. This allows you to adjust the margin percentage to meet your business needs and ensure profitability.


With Sparrow ERP, you can simplify your procurement process and make it more efficient. From generating procurement to comparing prices and updating records, everything can be done in a few clicks. This not only saves you time but also ensures accuracy and profitability. Try Sparrow ERP today and take your procurement process to the next level.