Procurement Process of PCB Assembly Order in Sparrow ERP

After your Sales quotation is accepted by the customer in Sparrow ERP, the next step is to confirm the order and start the procurement process in the form of Manufacturing order or Purchase orders, or both. You can start the procurement process in two different ways; It can be partial procurement in which you can start the component procurement process before sales quotation is accepted by the customer or you can start the full procurement process when a customer has accepted your sales quotation.

How can you start partial procurement?

To start partial procurement, you need to go into the Sales module’s Quotations page and then under the Quoted section select a particular quotation. After opening the quotation, click on the procurement button. On clicking the procurement button a dialog-box will open that will list all components we need to buy before starting the production process. The user can already start the procurement process by creating purchase inquiries. This can greatly help in reducing purchase time; because by the time the customer has placed the order we would already have quotations from our suppliers.

How can you start full procurement?

When the customer accepts the sales quotation you can start the full procurement process with confirmation of the order. The full procurement process includes the generation of internal Production order and Purchase inquiries. Both of these options are non-mandatory because it is possible that you may have stock of required items in inventory. As soon as you generate procurement for both, the system will create production order and purchase inquiries in the background; they will reflect on new tabs on the Sales Order. From here on, the purchasing department will take over the procurement process of components and the production department will take over the production part as soon as components arrived from suppliers.

The following video clearly demonstrates this flow.