New Workcenter Dashboard in Manufacturing

The purpose of the Workcenter dashboard in the manufacturing module of Sparrow ERP is to enable shop floor operators to see new and upcoming jobs. It allows them to focus on activity only related to their department but still provides enough information.

The new Workcenter Dashboard gives you an instant overview of jobs running in each workcenter. It gives an instant glance to job statistics of each department like a number of running jobs, ready to start jobs as well as paused or partially finished jobs.
The Workcenter Dashboard has click-through functionality. On clicking particular statistical count, the user can see a detailed list view of jobs running in that department. All jobs are listed according to the priority assigned to them by the system. Each priority number is color-coded. The highest priority jobs are coded with hard colors like red/orange and lowest priority jobs are coded with soft colors like light blue/green. Priority is initially assigned automatically based on an algorithm taking into account the time remaining for shipping the job. However, the priority can be changed manually by the operator.

On clicking icon in the operator column, the user can assign/unassign a job to himself or any other operator. In the comment column; if the user wants to make a new comment, he can click on the same icon of the comment column and add the comment. If the comment icon is red that means there is already existing comment and the user can read it. On clicking on the start button operation dialog-box will open.

On the operation dialog box, before starting the operation user can select resources that are going to be used in the process (this selection influences the production cost). Users can also add “Unplanned Operation” if any extra activity is to be performed during the process. The operation can be Paused and resumed. And, finally before finishing the operation user can change the finished quantity. The change in finished quantity can either trigger scrap or allows you to move partially finished quantity to the next stage.