Internal Supply Request & Purchase Requisition

Internal Supply Request module of Sparrow ERP covers the need for internal procurement requests of raw material or supplies by staff.
It offers the functionality thereby staff can generate internal raw material request or office supplies to the Stores or Procurement Manager; Procurement manager then reviews the requests generated and see if the requests are in order and can be fulfilled either by supplying material from the Stores or external purchase process needs to be initiated.

Internal supply requests can be approved, modified or rejected with remarks. Requests can also be channeled through an approval flow whereby multiple authorities will review and approve the requirements. Once the requests are approved; items will be issued from Stores or an external purchase process is initiated by the Procurement team.

Upon issuing items from Stores, necessary inventory effects are made in the background. In case; an external purchase process is initiated then Purchase Inquiry can be generated by a single click to selected supplies by taking over details from supply requests.

The video below demonstrates how the module practically works.