Goods Receipts for Purchase Orders with Scanning

Goods receipt from supplier purchase orders or ad-hoc reception in Sparrow is a seamless process. As soon as the supplier Purchase Order is confirmed in Sparrow ERP, the system will automatically make a draft receipt. The draft receipt will then be used to receive items into Inventory one by one or all in a single click when goods arrive.

Though Sparrow ERP allows us to receive all items in a single click into inventory; it makes sense to receive items one by one using a barcode scanner if the supplier has sent a shipment with a barcode label on the package. The system generates internal barcode (or QR code) automatically from the thermal label printer as soon items are scanned-in.

The entire process is explained in the following video very nicely.

As you can see, the user scans the MPN number on the component package, and the system automatically recognizes the MPN from the receipt. When the operator moves to the next package, the thermal printer automatically prints the inventory barcode sticker with a lot number generated by Sparrow ERP.

If you are a bulk buyer of components from suppliers like DigiKey, Mouser, etc, then these companies can also generate data matrix code with industry-standard (e.g. ECIA 2D). This code comprises all necessary information for inventory such as MPN, Quantity, etc.

Sparrow generated barcode sticker on the package ensures that there is complete traceability of the stock. At the time of reception, the system automatically links the warehouse location to the lot number. The system also links the sales order number and manufacturing order number. With these details, tracing the component at the time of the assembly process becomes easier. When the customer returns the assembled board due to any defect, based on order number we can trace when and from who the components were bought.