supplier quotations comparison Sparrow ERP

Supplier Quotations Comparison in 3 Clicks

A Supplier Quotation is a formal price furnished by a supplier to provide the products required by a buyer at specified prices and within a specified period of time. The quotation process can be used for the purchase of services, supplies, materials, etc. There is an in-built algorithm in Sparrow ERP that automatically selects supplier based on price. Supplier Quotations comparison is important before confirming PO for the supplier. In Sparrow, we have provided a very intuitive interface to compare multiple PO for similar products from different suppliers. 

Keeping Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) in mind we have designed purchasing functionalities to make the process as transparent as possible. For Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) companies we have a special module that automatically fetches prices from different suppliers website and presents them in a useful way to estimate BoM prices.

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Supplier Quotations Comparison

To Compare Supplier Quotations in Sparrow ERP simply follow these steps :

  • In your Sparrow ERP account, navigate to the Purchasing > Inquiries > Select Supplier Quotations > Compare Quotation.

You can also filter the quote comparison by Supplier name as well.

supplier quotations comparison Sparrow ERP

supplier quotations comparison

Key Features of Sparrow ERP Purchasing Module

  • Generate instant Quote in just 3 clicks through automated Feature
  • Quotes are created accurately including the latest pricing and availability
  • Maintain masters for various suppliers
  • Automates the processes of identifying potential suppliers
  • Check component availability for stocked items