Operation Level Inspection of PCB Assembly

Board inspection is important part of the Electronics Manufacturing Service to ensure quality and reduce amount of re-work. Frequent inspection carried out during the assembly process will make sure that the final assembled board will meet customer’s requirement. Avoid this, will lead to delayed discovery of defects and ultimately to re-work. And, re-work will increase the cost of manufacturing and late delivery.

In Sparrow ERP, we understood this aspect from the beginning and provided a practical solution. When you create your manufacturing routing, inspection is also an attribute you can link with an operation. That way, you can link multiple inspection checklist at each important operation (i.e. Operation Level Inspection).

When operations on the manufacturing order starts, operator must complete inspection before starting next operation. This will ensure that inspection routine is followed and all key quality parameters are captured.

Sparrow ERP manufacturing order Inspections

Operation level inspection can be created on-the-fly and can be linked to any manufacturing order while it is being produced using custom operation function. This flexibility allows operator to add custom inspection lists if a unique scenario comes up.