How to do Sourcing for Manufacturing Order in Sparrow ERP

In this video, we will see how to do sourcing for PCB Assembly order. The process is also same for any other sourcing for manufacturing. If procurement is not generated already, then we will begin by creating procurement. To do that, click on the procurement button, that will show popup to create Mfg order and Purchase Inquiries for the BOM components. we will select two suppliers and click create procurement. This will generate one manufacturing order (that will are not touching now), and two purchase inquiries for two different suppliers.

We will now go to Purchasing section and open inquires page. We will see our two inquires listed in pending section. One by one, we will send each inquiry to supplier by clicking “Send inquiry” button. After sending both the inquiries, they will list in “Quotes Pending” section. At this stage we will wait for quotation from the suppliers. Upon receiving quotes from the supplier, we will import the prices quoted by supplier into our inquires. We can do that by importing the spreadsheet as shown here. One by one for each inquiry.

Once, both quotes are received, we can send both or selected quote for approval. The approver will get notification for this action. The approver will then open the quote and either approve or reject the quotation. On click of the Approve button, a popup will display other quotations side by side for the comparison. Similarly, a quote can also be rejected with a rejection reason.

The approved quote becomes an Unconfirmed Purchase Order. Go to Purchase orders list and open the Purchase order we just created, then, click on the Confirm Order button. That will display the popup to send the confirmation to the supplier. After confirming the order, you can wait for the goods to arrive. When the material arrives, we can generate receipt from the Purchase Order. On the contrary, you can generate the receipt right after PO is made, that will act as a kind of “Todo” for the stores.