How to Create Sales Quotation – PCB Assembly

To create a sales quotation for Electronics Assembly Project, open the Sales tab and click on Quotations. Open the New Quotation page and then select the customer. Fill other details and Save. Then, click on the Add New Product button to open product selection window. From there, you can either select an existing assembly project or add a new one. We will add a new project by clicking this New Product button.

On the Product configuration window, you will add details just like any other product but an Assembly Project is defined by few key parameters. The most important is product group. Here you must select “Assembly”. Other important parameter is Procurement route in Inventory tab. Here you must select “Make to Order”.

You also must upload Bill of Material (BOM) from BOM tab, so that components cost can be calculated. That can be done by importing data from a spreadsheet as shown here. Now, our assembly project is ready.

The assembly project under the order lines will have two extra columns to set Assembly cost and Components cost. Assembly cost is set by using the in-built calculator, however, you can also input different cost manually.

In a traditional approach, to get an estimate of components cost you would wait for a quotation from more than one suppliers. That is a time consuming process. In Sparrow, the components cost can be calculated almost instantly because of integration with suppliers API, that fetches the components prices within few seconds. Once, the prices are fetched you can either use them as is, or adjust it as per your need. Assembler’s margin will be added automatically based on your initial settings.

Now, we have our quotation ready, that we can send to customer with Assembly cost and Components cost.