Hassle Free Sales Management


In Sparrow we tried to make Sales flow as easy as possible to make sure that sales users do not find functionalities do not come in their way of doing their job. Sales usually happens via two channels. Either traditional way (inquiries->Quotation->Order) or Online e-commerce.

Sparrow ERP has comprehensive API to connect it with any existing e-commerce platform, if not, Sparrow has it’s own integrated e-commerce module.

While operating any sales flow it is often overlooked a painful task of new Product/Services creation. Sparrow has made extremely easy product import features that makes creating or updating products. The same philosophy has been followed in other sales module to make sure that users have to do minimum data entry and most of the major work is done by importing from existing data sources like Spreadsheet or CSV files.

Customer details

Product details

Sending quotation to customer


Sales dashboard