Component Sourcing Tool Sparrow ERP

Component Sourcing 

Sparrow ERP’s Component Sourcing Tool

Sparrow ERP is a business management software for Electronics & High Tech Manufacturing Services. It provides a set of tools that helps you accelerate the task of quotation and component sourcing. Sparrow ERP’s smart inventory features allow you to keep inventory at different levels like per order or per customer.

How Sparrow ERP’s Purchase Plan Solves Component Sourcing Problem

Sparrow ERP offers excellent tools for the procurement of components because it is a very important element in electronics manufacturing. When the client accepts our quote and decides to place an order, the immediate task is to check the components are available at the market and ensure that there are no significant upward changes in the price.

The choice of a supplier from the list of potential suppliers becomes easy, but the problem is how to fetch the list of potential suppliers that satisfy the qualifying criteria. Although the information that you need can be found online, it is dispersed, conflicting and above everything, it disrupts with your design workflow.

To meet all such criteria, you have to have access to real-time pricing, specific lead times, positioning and alternative sourcing information.

If you want to save time on component sourcing?

Then Sparrow ERP’s Component Sourcing Tool is the right solution for you.

Sparrow ERP offers an integrated software solution to generate component pricing and availability from multiple top electronics & high tech suppliers.

The Component Sourcing Tool has been developed to provide real-time data for electronic manufacturers to negotiate better pricing with suppliers, to save money on procurement of components using alternate sources and help them to make better choices.

Sparrow ERP empowers electronics manufacturers to collect information in just a matter of seconds that would typically take days to get the conventional way.

Sparrow ERP Component Sourcing Tool gathers information about pricing and availability of components in real-time and with a quick view to you can analyze potential savings in bills of materials.

The entire product reliability and performance depend on the right component selection from the right manufacturer.

Besides speeding up the quotes, Sparrow ERP will enable your Purchasing department to quote smarter by selecting their preferred supplier eligibility criteria and organize a hundred supplier quotations in a few clicks to look at the best possible suppliers for every item.