How to Import Products from a Spreadsheet

Besides creating products one by one, you can import them in batches from a spreadsheet.

This method is the most viable option when you already have a collection of product data you want to migrate to Sparrow.

First, you need to download the template, the link is right on the import dialog box.

While preparing the spreadsheet you have to make sure you input valid data in columns that are choice fields on the screen. That’s why you can use a trick to first input a few products by hand and then export those products in a spreadsheet as a template.

Once the sheet is ready. Go to Products screen under the Sales tab and click on the “Import” button from the “More options” menu.

Browse the spreadsheet you have prepared and click on the upload button.
That will show you a “preview” of data being imported. Now make sure each column is properly mapped. If you have used the template then all columns would be mapped already.

Finally, click on the import button to import data.

In the products list, you will see newly imported products immediately.