How to Create a New Product

A product in Sparrow ERP is the most important piece of data. The product has parameters that defines how it will be used and act in the application.

A product in  Sparrow ERP is anything that can be inventoried,  such as —

  • Saleable item
    • An Assembly project
    • A finished item for sale
    • A Service
  • Purchasable item
    • A raw material item used in manufacturing
    • A consumable item
    • A Service
  • Produced item
    • Make to order item
    • Make to stock item

Lets go through the most important parameters a product.

Product group: this parameter defines the segment of product. Suppose your business is providing PCB Assembly service then we have a pre-defined group called “Assembly”. This selection will make your product an Assembly project, that will go into Sparrow’s manufacturing flow and later shipped to the customer.

You can define your own product group in settings with your own attributes. For example – if you have electronic components, then Resistors will have attributes like Resistance and Power. Capacitors will have different attributes like Capacitance and Voltage.
The system will only apply attributes that belong to the group.

Tax code: A master list of tax codes can be managed from settings with applicable tax and custom duty per code. Once tax codes are defined you can select the code to apply the tax rate from here.

Article Number: Out of the box, this is a unique number auto-generated per product. However, if you want to define your own number and input manually, then it can be configured as well.

Type: This selection decides whether the product will be managed in inventory or not. Non-tangible items like Service can be assigned Service type here. Leave the default selection “Stockable” if you want to manage the item in inventory.

Inventory Tab:

Reorder qty: field can be set by a number that will be treated as minimum amount of qty to be ordered if Reorder level is breached.

Reorder level: is very important field if you want to make sure minimum stock of essential items. Set the quantity level here, so that system may trigger notification if the level is breached.

Traceability: selection is set lot number by default, that means a unique lot number will be assigned to newly received lot (e.g. more than one unit) of the product. If you select by serial number here, the system will assign a unique serial number to each unit of received items.

Procurement routes: selecting
Buy: indicates that the product is to be bought off-the-shelf.
Make to order: indicates the product will be made in-house on receiving the order from the customer.
Make to stock: indicates the product will be made in-house anytime to replenish the stock.