Carecoll Help desk Solution

10 Ways Our Help Desk Solution Increases Customer Satisfaction

The online help desk solution is a way to communicate with your visitors on your site. Live chat software can help you start discussions with new customers, communicate with existing customers, and assist regular customers in real-time. It is a conventional and ongoing way of driving more sales, closing deals and retaining clients.

Carecoll Live chat provides a unique experience, better customer relations, and an opportunity to sense the pulse of your clients. It is valuable to use a live chat solution for all customer journeys and throughout your sales, marketing, and support teams.

In comparison to email discussions, live chat keeps the history and context in threads that agents and customers can access as quickly as they start the chat. Live chat conversations are friendly in nature, like instant messaging applications. Live chat software enables you to respond quickly to your clients with smooth access to the support team.

10 Ways CareColl Help Desk Solution Can Increase Customer Satisfaction

Quick and easy set up

It is simple to add Carecoll live chat software. Just copy and paste our chat code on your website and start a chat with your site visitors within minutes. If you require a simple website chat widget for your business, then carecoll helpdesk and live chat software is the right solution for you.

Real-time visitor activity

Carecoll Live chat software enables businesses to interact in real-time with their website visitors. Easily monitor your website visitor and track interactions in real-time. Carecoll gives you all the necessary visitor information you need like their location and which web page they are navigation on your website.

Chat widget customization

Change the appearance of your live chat widget to match your requirements. Manage specific countries allowed for chat conversations.

Live chat visible to select countries

Your visitors will only see you online for a chat if they are from the chosen country, for rest you will appear offline.

Offline messages

Always be connected with your customers even though you are not online. You will get an email whenever a visitor pings a chat and you are not available online. You can also view offline messages in a split view.

Transfer Chat to the specific department

Connect your visitors to the specific departments to perform effectively. Manage your departments to spread chats across different teams and fix queries more quickly. Recognize patterns, prioritize and assign tickets to agents for quicker resolution from one place. Work seamlessly with other teams by dividing the responsibility of the ticket.

Customer Details

Provide detailed information to your support team about site visitors. Deliver your site visitors a rich experience by providing proactive live chat experience with chat routing for your support team.

Instant support

Delight your website Visitors with Instant Support. Carecoll helpdesk solution provides instant customer support with live chat tool. The easiest way to interact and convert site visitors into customers. Within the help desk, your agents can answer e-mails and chat with clients. Carecoll Live Chat Software provides instant and quality responses by pre-defined templates and replies.

Multiple Chat Handling

Enhance productivity through the simultaneous handling of multiple chats by live chats agents. Multiple chat windows allow a single agent to manage multiple chats at a point. Carecoll live chat software works with all internet browsers and operating systems.

Email management

This allows you to prioritize each ticket using the keywords, departments and assign each ticket to a specific agent and team so there is no misunderstanding about who would work on which ticket. Our email management is intended for the teamwork and productivity of agents. You can always use a client database to access previous interactions on any channel. Agents can also track discussions with clients. Carecoll has an inbuilt translate feature that allows you to translate any language to your preferred language.