Create Email Campaign CRM

Create Email Campaign – CRM

An email campaign is a promotional message that you share by email. The campaign tool in Sparrow ERP lets you measure the overall performance of your collective marketing efforts easily.

The Sparrow ERP CRM tool helps you acquire, engage, and retain your customers throughout the entire journey. You can also customize a CRM interface based on your business to meet the requirements of your organization.

To Create Email Campaign in Sparrow ERP simply follow these steps

Subscriber lists

  • In your Sparrow ERP account, navigate to the CRM > Subscriber lists.

CRM Subscriber-lists

  • In the upper right, click Add new > Enter Name for your Subscriber lists > at the bottom right Click Save.

Create Email Campaign CRM

Create Email Campaign – CRM

  • Click Add subscribers to Add your recipients > Click Save.

Create Email Campaign – CRM

Mail campaigns

The purpose of our Campaign Builder is to help you work on the various parts of your campaign as you choose and to review everything before you send.

Add From Name and From Email Address

To set your from name and from email address, follow these steps.

  • Click Admin tools section > Company.
  • Enter your Name and Email address > click Save.

Create Email Campaign – CRM

Next, add Mail template for the campaign

  • Click Mail campaigns > Choose a mail template to start with or You can simply Create your own mail template.

Create Email Campaign – CRMmail template.

  • To create your own customized mail template, In the upper right, click Add new.
  • After mail template selection click Save & Next.

Define Recipients

To choose your recipients, follow these steps.

  • In the Define Recipients drop-down menu, choose the Subscriber lists you want to send to.

Create Email Campaign – CRM

Send Mail Campaign

  • Now regular email is ready to schedule or send.
  • Click Send newsletter if you are ready to send the Mail campaign to your subscribers.

For Scheduling Your Mail Campaign, follow these steps.

  • Click Schedule > In the dialog box choose date and time > Click Schedule In the dialog box.

Create Email Campaign – CRM

Your Email campaign is on its way!