How to Create Sales Quotation

A sales quotation is the first step of the sales life-cycle with the customer.
In Sparrow ERP, the flow is implemented like this.

You first create a Quotation draft.
When you send the draft to the Customer, it is called a “Quoted” draft.
The quote can be confirmed into an order, otherwise, it will expire upon the set expiry date.
Order generated from quotation is listed in Orders-Pending until it is Confirmed.
Only a confirmed order can be shipped. Provided you have enough stock of the products.

To create a sales quotation – Open the Sales tab and click on Quotations menu item.
From the List of Sales Quotation, click on Add new button. A popup will appear to give you options to either create a Quotation or Sales Order. Choose to Create Quotation here.

On the Quotation form – choose the customer. You can do that by simply putting the first few words of the customer name. All sparrow dropdowns can be searched.

Some fields are auto-filled, but you can change if you need.

Select the Payment term as appropriate. And, click the Save button.

Now, that our primary details are saved, we add products to this quotation.
Click on the Edit button and then click on Plus icon here, which will bring up an Add Product popup.

You can select the product by simply typing a few words of the product name. Alternatively, you can also search by Article number by clicking this checkbox.

Input other required details and click Save.

Importing products from a spreadsheet is another faster way to add products.
Click on the import products icon here and then download a template if you are doing this the first time. The template will have some sample data but otherwise, it is simple and self-explanatory.

Prepare your data in the sheet and then upload the file in the import popup. A preview will be shown to make sure every column is mapped properly. You can adjust the mapping if you wish.

If everything looks ok, click on the Import button.
That will add all products from the sheet into the Quotation. Similarly, you can export the existing list of products to a spreadsheet as well.

Now, we have our quotation ready, it is time now to send it to the customer.
Click on the Send Quotation button, that will show a popup.
Here you can see the email to which we are sending the quotation.
A PDF copy of the quotation is already attached, you can attach additional files if you wish.
You may change the details before you click on the Send button.

If you do not want to send an actual email then you can also use the “Send without email” link on the left. That will mark the quotation sent but no email would be generated.

After the quotation is sent, it’s status changes to Quoted, and, it will appear in the Quoted list.