How to Convert Sales Quotation into an Order

We have already seen how to create a quotation and send it to the customer.
Now, when the customer accepts the quote and sends us the confirmation, we would do our next step.

Go to the Sales tab and open the Quotations screen. Under the Quoted tab you will find the quotation. Open the quotation and click on the Confirm Order button. This action will convert the quotation into an order.

You will notice that the quotation number is changed to an order number. You can find the complete action trail on this order by clicking the history icon here.

While creating an order, the system may warn you about two things.

  1. If the quotation contains items having stock lower than being offered. A warning message will appear if that is the case.
  2. In Sparrow ERP you can define the credit limit of each customer, that way a customer can not have more than a certain limit of sale on credit. At the time of registering the order, the system will check the credit limit and show a warning message if the current order amount is above that.

The order will be listed in the Orders section under the Pending tab.

Open the order we just created.
You will notice there are additional fields now, such as ship date, Invoice, and shipping addresses.

Now, at this point, the order flow can take one of the multiple paths depending on the stock status of order items.

  1. If you are having enough stock of all the products in the order, then, you can essentially ship the order right away by clicking the “Ready for shipment” button.
  2. If you do not have enough stock of the products, then it comes down to how your products’ procurement route is set.
    1. In the case of trading – it would be the “Buy” route.
    2. And, in case you are a manufacturer – it would be a “Make to order or Make to Stock” route.

In any of the cases above, you will have to first do the Procurement of the items.

We will do that in one of our next videos.