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According to a recent survey, 8 out of 10 enterprises are choosing open source software for quality reason and not for cost.

Open-source software acceptance were very low in earlier days. Organizations were conservative and orthodox in accepting open source software in their production environment. There were multiple reasons for hesitation. They were undocumented, unstable and there was lack of support services.

But open source scene is changed dramatically in recent years, start-up companies are partly responsible for improvement of quality and acceptance of open source software, first, because a start-up is built on innovation and open source software provides the freedom to do that, second, because commercial software are mostly out of reach of start-up because of low funding.

This wikipedia page lists some popular open-source software in a very small list.

There are multiple benefits of using open-source softwares in the organization most important of them are flexibility,freedom,reliability and cost-effective.


Open-source is flexible in many ways first and far most important is source code of the software. It will be available as GPL or other open-source licensing policy. Developers or companies can download and start making changes on it and use it for free. Let’s take a classic example of odoo (Formerly known as OpenERP) well let me tell you odoo is ERP system completely free available for download change and redistribute. Yes it is ERP you read it correct!. There are many companies who can not afford big ERP systems like SAP or Salesforce are looking at odoo as a very reliable ERP system to streamline their business processes. Odoo is developed in python so it provides good level of security too.


When software is open-source it will be free for users and whosoever uses. It brings great level of freedom to corporates where they are not bound to one company for changes or updates for the software they use. There are number of companies and developers(freelancers) available for any kind of changes required in the software. Companies gets protection from being victimized by the software companies via freedom of development of open-source software.


It is not the case now a days that if the software is open-source it will be unreliable or unstable.You take an example of mysql, odoo, libreoffice, apache web server, sendmail and many more are very reliable and giants are using those softwares like facebook and flipkart. open-source communities are now became familiar with the fact that if they make reliable softwares companies will adopt and believe in those softwares.

Even it gets better and better day passes because developers from different parts of the world contribute their time and efforts to develop particular module of the software in a way they find better. More smart brains are working and that brings more stability and innovations to the software.

Cost effective

Well if it is open-source and if it is free what else you want. It is cost effective when it is free. Am I correct? or Am I correct? What you needs to do is to find open-source development companies and tell them your requirements then development companies will provide you base ready open-source product and develop according to your needs. There will be no hidden cost or licensing cost as it is open-source what you have to pay is development cost for changes you need.It works on the pay once develop once and use it forever model. Next time you want any changes go to the company who developed it for you. If you find that costly no problem you find another company who works on the similar software and get quote. You are free to choose your development company who charges you less.


Open-source software is the basis for most of the internet’s infrastructure. Many of the common internet services such as web server and email have their roots in open-source software. 64% of the web servers on the internet run the apache open-source web servers. 70% of the emails routes through sendmail. I mentioned this because most of the people believe that high quality softwares can be built by the big software companies which is not true.

We should now see the software as a service as we avail some services at our houses and offices like plumbing,electrical and construction. We are not tied to one company to source us their services. We should also start thinking software in the same way. We should not get tied with one company to provide us the solution. There are many companies who will build for you.

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