Carecoll Live Chat and Customer Support

Carecoll is a real time customer support live chat service. Carecoll puts you in direct touch with your website visitors and enables two way communication. Carecoll live chat widget can be installed on any website by just copying a small piece of code. You are up and running in matter of minutes.

Not only that, Carecoll is a powerful email support system as well. Whenever your operators are offline or away, website visitors can send message that arrives in “Offline messages” section of the Carecoll operator console. The email like user interface makes the management of messages very easy.


Carecoll Dashabord

Carecoll also supports very powerful feature of email integration. If you have a support email address like and wants all emails arrive in Carecoll offline messages section then it can be done. You can receive replies back and forth in Carecoll itself.

Carecoll is free for 1 operator, please visit the product website.

Carecoll is a simple system with advanced features. Some of the most useful features are.

Carecoll has multiple plans to suit different business needs, it comes with a free for ever basic plan for a small or individual business owner.